Jericho Exteriors began its journey 15 years ago siding new residential homes in the lower mainland.  Since then, we have been dedicated to creating one of a kind exterior finishes with the desires of the client at the forefront of everything we do.

Wanting a change of pace and craving a new challenge we moved to Edmonton AB in 2011. With a colder and dryer climate with that of the lower mainland we were exposed to new building codes and new cladding systems, further expanding our knowledge on how to clad and weatherproof a building.

When the wildfires devastated Fort McMurray we were one of the first contractors outside of Fort McMurray to go up and assist in the rebuild. It was there in Fort McMurray we developed a deeper desire to connect more with the homeowner as we would have the homeowners on site almost every day wanting to see the progress on their home.

It was here I noticed a problem. The majority of siding contractors do business with “homebuilders” doing new construction. It is normal for them to do upwards of 500 homes a year, so working for a “homeowner” is kind of an anomaly for them. To a homeowner their house is not just construction plans and building materials. It’s their home. From that need, Jericho Exteriors was born.

“Having survived 6 winters in Edmonton and 1 in Fort McMurray we decided to move operations back to the lower mainland. Having a more personal approach to exteriors kindled in Fort McMurray we decided to move more in the direction of renovations. ” John Burton, Exterior Specialist and Owner

Jericho Exteriors – Working With You

At Jericho Exteriors we want to partner with you on your exterior renovation. We have the competency, knowledge and creativity to make your vision a reality. Your home is unique. Your home is precious. Let us protect it!


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