Mission Exterior Renovation, Hurd Street Reno

I was so excited to write this article because it reminds me of the reason why I wanted to get into doing exterior renovations as opposed to new construction builds. The house, a 1950’s build, on Hurd Street In Mission B.C. had numerous additions and “DIY fix its” done to it. It was well past due for a full exterior renovation and the existing siding had outlived its functional lifespan.

The exterior walls, done in cedar shake painted blue as well as 3/8 plywood sheathing acting as an exterior finishing product. The gables faded white and again, painted plywood as the exterior finish. The brick chimney faded and in desperate need of some TLC to go along with the brick “feature” on the front master bedroom.

Visibly, we could already see the exterior wood had some soft spots and rot, so it was due time to service this building.

Renovation Choices

This was the homeowner’s first exterior renovation. The process can be quite daunting. What products to use? Vinyl? Fiber cement? Not to mention picking colours!

It is paramount to research the right building products that you want to use, seeing the pros and cons. It always helps to ask a contractor. Which these homeowners did. After several consultations with the homeowners, we developed a game plan. The homeowners already knew they wanted vinyl siding on the walls in a grey colour.

They wanted a shake in the gable, and we decided to go with a vinyl shake as it did not require a rain-screen system which would bump out the cladding past the roof flashings. I suggested we install “belly bands” as partitions in between the materials.

Belly bands are typically a two by wood product that serves two purposes; to form a break in-between material, accentuating each product as well as diverting water away from the building.

As for the brick, the homeowner was thinking of just painting it. However, I have a red seal brick mason who suggested that we re-point the brick and restore the finish. With the scope of work agreed upon we set out to make short work of this cozy bungalow….

Master Bedroom Hidden Wood Rot

Sometimes it feels like “murphy’s law” and exterior renovations go hand in hand in some sort of twisted relationship. If something can go wrong, it usually does.

While working on re-pointing the brick on the master bedroom, my mason discovered that there was loose brick…easy fix. However, behind the brick I found rot.

The window had been leaking for years. To find the extent of the rot we ended up having to take the entire brick façade down. The whole wall was dust. Structurally unsound. And it had a carpenter ant infestation at one point.

I had never seen rot like this. I could push my finger through studs. I made the homeowner aware and we proceeded to re-frame, re-insulate, and re-sheet the exterior wall. No problems. Just solutions.

Rotten Wood Around Chimney

We had issues again when it came to the masonry. The walls along the chimney where rotten from the ground up. This is quite common with attached brick or block chimneys as they are never properly sealed.

We repaired the rot. We installed metal L-trim flashing against the brick then sealed the vinyl trim by back caulking the J-channel followed by face caulking the j-channel with a superior grade paintable silicone, thus preventing any future water from ever getting in.

Remember that any caulking will deteriorate in UV sunlight and will need to be re-applied every 5 years to achieve optimum water-proofing capability.

Exterior Home Renovation Completion

After these few hiccups it was smooth sailing. The homeowners really picked colours that complimented each other. The gables where done in Vintage taupe foundry vinyl shake.

We installed a new front entry door as the previous door had been damaged severely and was drafty. New door. New hardware. New weather-stripping. No draft. Money saved on energy efficiency.

This house looked small from the street but the big side walls and tall gables provided a great canvas to showcase two-toned mixed materials of vinyl siding and foundry vinyl shake. Coupled with new flashing, belly bands, and a Tyvek housewrap and this exterior finishing is sure to stand the test of time.

As the exterior renovation progressed, it evolved into something as unique as the homeowners themselves. As the work continued, relationships developed. It was no longer just a job or project. It was someone’s home and their home protected the things that were essential to them. It was precious.

That is why I am so passionate about exterior renovations. Partnering with you the homeowner to restore your home. I feel like I am in the business of redemption. But in the end, it was the people (and cute dogs) that made this renovation memorable.

If your home is in need of an exterior renovation, then reach out and contact Jericho Exteriors for your free consultation.


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