Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Jericho ExteriorsYour privacy is important to us. Please review the information below on how Jericho Exteriors Inc protects your personal information, including how you can raise concerns or file complaints.

Your Privacy is Protected

At Jericho Exteriors Inc, an integral part of our commitment in providing you with excellent service is our respect for your right to privacy. Keeping our client’s information in strict confidence is of utmost importance to Jericho Exteriors Inc.

Jericho Exteriors Inc has policies and practices in place, in order to protect your privacy.

Protection of your privacy means;

  1. We keep all information and business you do with our company in the strictest confidence
  2. Your information is never sold
  3. We respect your Privacy when marketing our services

Jericho Exteriors Inc’s Privacy Policies protect all of our clients. When you become a client using our services;

  1. We will understand your needs for services offered
  2. Provide the best service possible
  3. Comply with licensing requirements
  4. We may offer other service suitable to your needs

We will always obtain your consent before disclosing any of your personal information. We will not use your information in any way we didn’t previously disclose to you or receive your permission for. When your information is no longer needed, it is destroyed.

We only keep your information as long as we require it to offer you our services requested and for Federal tax purposes. After which time, all records are destroyed if you choose to not receive any further correspondence from us.

If you sign up for any product, service, or mailing from a 3rd party website, you may visit those sites and opt out of those at any time.

We are committed to our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or you feel we are not adhering to these policies, notify us immediately.

Resolving concerns is very important to Jericho Exteriors Inc.

Privacy Policy Commitment

At Jericho Exteriors Inc, we are committed to treating all clients and their private information with respect and providing you with the highest level of service. If anything should go wrong or there are any misunderstandings, resolving problems effectively and efficiently is our primary concern.



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