Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding is a durable and beautiful siding choice that is impervious to bugs and resistant to all types of weather. There are many different manufacturers of fiber cement siding and it can come in a wide array of profiles, textures and pre-painted colours as well.

One of the main benefits of fiber cement siding is that is lasts a long time, … a very, very, long time. Being that it is made out of cement it does not rot, does not mold, does not get eaten by bugs, and can be painted any color you want.

Fiber cement siding products are a great choice for your premium exterior finish and provide a classic and high end look to any project it is installed on. It is just one of the many materials that we install as one of our standard services.


Types Of Fiber Cement Siding Products

One of the great things about fiber cement siding products is the wide array of choices and uses it has. From siding panels and planks to soffit and shingles fiber cement is a beautiful and durable product choice for your home cladding system.

Lap Siding

One of the more classic looks attained with fiber cement is in its lap siding products. Mimicking wood siding in appearance it can create a classic and elegant look to your home. Lap siding planks can come either smooth or in different textures to mimic real wood siding. Like all fiber cement, it can come pre-painted in a wide array of colors as well as pre-primed and painted to the color of your choice.


Fiber cement panels are one way of achieving a modern look on your project with minimal seams or joins. Panels can come in standard 4X8 sheets and even up to 4X10 long sheets to cover larger areas with fewer trim lines. These panels are a great choice for projects with a more modern look, especially multi-family or commercial projects.


Multishake fiber cement panels are designed to give a real wood shake look with the durability and strength of fiber cement. Coming in many different styles and profiles there is sure to be a look that will work for your home. These make a great look for gabled ends and feature sections on your home. If you want to add some interest and a classic design feature to your home without the worry and maintenance of wood shakes then give us a call and let us see how we can make multishake panels work for your project.


Fiber cement soffit is a newer product on the market and is making waves as it becomes more widely used. It provides the same venting and similar look as vinyl soffit but provides more durability, longer life, and the ability to customize your soffit color any way you want. Like other fiber cement products it comes in different surface finishes to match the look of your home. From smooth to beadboard to wood grain. there is sure to be a look that works for you.


Similar to wood trim but with much less maintenance and a much longer lifespan, fiber cement trim can be used all over your exterior project. Also, like the other products listed above, it comes in smooth or wood grain finish and can be painted any color you want to create the look you desire. Fiber Cement trim can be used around your windows, for shadow boards in your gables, as a belly band, or to clad pillars or other features on your home.

Installation Of Fiber Cement Products

Fiber cement products require the use of special tools and are best installed by experienced installers. Our teams have installed thousands of feet of cement based products on numerous projects so you can be assured that the installation is done right and conforms to or exceeds industry best practice.

Most cement based products do best if they are allowed to breathe. For this reason we always install fiber cement based products on a rain screen system. Rain screen allows air to circulate behind your siding products and lets moisture out after long periods of rain or extreme humidity.

Special care and materials must also be used for finishing fiber cement based products. The use of Alkali resistant paints and primers ensures proper adhesion and bonding of your paint to give it the longest lifespan possible. Additionally, with the use of exposed fasteners on some cement based products we use stainless steel fasteners where applicable to prevent rusting or corrosion.


Lifespan Of Fiber Cement Siding Products

Fiber cement siding products have one of the longest lifespans of any exterior cladding product you can choose. Many manufacturers have a 25 year warranty and certain products even carry a 50 year warranty when installed by certified installers.

As with any painted product on the exterior of your home it does require some maintenance to achieve its maximum lifespan. Most pre-painted fiber cement products come with a color warranty of at least 15 years and the factory paint can usually last much longer than that.

One nice trait of fiber cement is that when it comes to repainting it there is very little pre-painting labour required when compared to wood siding repainting. There is usually no chipping of flaking of the paint coatings which allows for a simple single coat of paint to renew the finish and extend the lifespan of the product.


Cost Of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement-based siding products are a premium material and as such comes with a slightly higher price tag than some other siding products. However, according to the 2020 cost vs value report Fiber cement siding replacement has the highest cost recouped value of all siding products.

We realize that cost and value are very important when deciding on the type of materials and work to be done on your house. One common way to utilize fiber cement products is to do the front of your house with them and then use a more economical product such as vinyl siding for the sides and back of your house to save costs. Jericho Exteriors offers free estimates and consultations for your siding projects so get in touch with us to discuss options and ideas for your exterior renovation projects today.

Fiber Cement Siding


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