Sagiper Siding and Soffit

Sagiper PVC Cladding

Sagiper Siding and soffit products are a mix of PVC structural components coupled with a vinyl layer on the outside to give them great structural strength and the beauty and wear resistance of vinyl products. Sagiper siding products can be used for wall cladding in exterior and interior applications.

They also carry the Sagirev product line that is a thinner construction used for vented or solid soffit applications. This is a great product to achieve the look of wood soffit coupled with the resilience and durability of PVC and Vinyl.

What Are Sagiper Siding Products?

As mentioned above, Sagiper products are based on a hollow-core channel structure made out of PVC and covered with a multi-layer printed vinyl layer that mimics the look of real wood. It comes in over 40 different colors and patterns to give you a great variety of choice in the look for your project.

Their products are maintenance-free, UV resistant, impervious to insects, water, mold, moss, and mildew. Their double layer product is much thicker than standard vinyl siding and provides a stronger and more durable finish.

Sagiper offers a 50 year warranty which will give you the confidence that your exterior finish will last.

Where To Use Sagiper Siding?

You can use Sagiper siding and soffit products anywhere that you can use standard siding materials. Although you could clad your entire house in this material, we most often use it in more specialized and feature areas. Often these great looking materials are used in front entrances where the impact of this beautiful material can really be appreciated.

Additionally, many protruding architectural features look great when clad in a wood grain product such as Sagiper, Longboard, or Lux. It can really add a lot of interest, style, and class to your home when you add a few different locations in a feature material such as this.

At Jericho Exteriors, we have used many different premium siding materials like this and we can help provide you with suggestions as to which material might be right for you. As well, we can create a Digital 3D rendering of your home so that we can show you what it will look like when we add some strategically placed premium products to your exterior finishing plan.

Patterns And Colors Available

There are over 40 different color and patterns available in their different products. No matter the style or look you want to achieve there is sure to be a color and pattern that will work for your home. Their standard wall siding comes in either a “V” groove or a wider channel profile. All of their trims and connector pieces can come in the same finishes and will perfectly match their wall assemblies.


  • Blonde Oak
  • Port Redwood
  • Chocolate Blackwood
  • Espresso Blackwood
  • White Oak
  • Hazel Oak
  • Brazilian Redwood
  • Caramel Cedar
  • Caramel Zebrawood
  • Cherry Zebrawood
  • Pine Zebrawood
  • Titanium Coalwood
  • Light Maple
  • Walnut Cedar
  • Absolute Silver

Exterior Metallic

  • Metallic Copper
  • Metallic Black
  • Knotty Maple
  • Mocha Redwood
  • Chestnut Blackwood
  • Desert Oak
  • Mountain Oak
  • Monument Oak
  • Absolute White
  • 17 More Un-Named Metallic Colors

Benefits of Sagiper Siding

There are many benefits of using premium siding products over standard grade siding materials. Many times, the people looking to have the exteriors of their homes renovated have wood siding, old aluminum siding, or old vinyl siding on their house. These old products were susceptible to many things such as rot, bugs, dents, cracking, fading, or a higher need for maintenance than the new materials available today.

Sagiper siding has a 50 year warranty and can easily last for the rest of the lifespan of your home. Some of the other benefits of this amazing material are;

  • Maintenance Free
  • Does Not Rot Or Mold
  • Resistant To UV Rays
  • Minimal Expansion Or Contraction
  • Impervious To Insects And Bugs
  • Resistant To Impact And Abrasion
  • North American Fire Rated
  • Comes In Both 12 Foot And 19 Foot Standard Lengths

Are Sagiper Siding Products Right For Your Project?

With so many different premium siding projects available on the market today it can be difficult to know which one will be right for your project. With over 15 years of experience in the exterior finishing market, we have the knowledge and know-how to help you make the right choices for your project. If you have any questions about our services or want to book your free consultation just give us a call or send us an email to talk to one of our exterior finishing specialists.


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