Soffit Fascia


Soffit Fascia are an indispensable part of your building envelope. They protect the underside of your eaves and stop bugs, birds, and other critters from getting in. They are also a great way to vent your roof structure to prevent the build-up of excess moisture and heat. This often-overlooked area of your project can really change the look and feel of your finished exterior.

Fascia is the trim that ties your roof-line into your soffit. It is the trim that goes around your house and finishes everything. Often your Fascia trim is comb-face wood that is painted a contrasting colour but other options such as fiber cement trim can be used and make for a good long-lasting alternative.

Types of Soffits

There are numerous types of soffits that can be used on your home. Everything from vinyl and aluminum to Fiber cement and stucco. The type of material you choose depends largely upon your personal taste, the overall look you are trying to achieve and the budget you have set foe the project.

One thing that all soffits should have in common is their ability to allow airflow into your soffit and roof. This allows warm moist air to escape and prevent excess heat and moisture buildup. Many old houses used solid wooden soffits and in our damp B.C. Climate this can lead to mold, rot, and long term damage to your home.

Vinyl Soffits

Vinyl soffits are by far the most popular and common type of soffit we install. They can come in solid or perforated styles and come in various colors, usually in the lighter white and cream color families. Vinyl soffit is light, easy to clean, cost effective, and lasts a long time.

Aluminum Soffits

Another type of popular soffit material is aluminum. Like vinyl it is strong and durable and can be cleaned fairly easily. However, unlike vinyl, it is susceptible to being dented if it is impacted or hit with any kind of force. You may wonder how anyone would dent their soffit, but believe me, it happens more often than you may imagine.

Aluminum soffits can come in both solid and perforated as well as all the common colors that vinyl soffits come in. One trait that aluminum has to it’s advantage over vinyl soffits is its ability to come in very dark colors and even pure black.

Fiber Cement Soffits

Fiber cement is quickly becoming more and more popular on residential houses. Once more common on commercial and multi-family buildings it is often the material of choice for higher-end exterior finishing and renovations. Fiber cement soffits can come in solid or perforated as well as beadboard and wood-textured surfaces. It can also come factory painted in various colors or be painted onsite in any color you desire.

Specialized soffit materials

At Jericho Exteriors we know that you do not want your house to be a cookie-cutter, look-alike of every other house on the street. That is why we are always trying new materials and keeping up on the cutting edge of siding styles and finishes.

There are many different products on the market today that can provide a unique look to the soffits on your house. Whether it is Sagiper and Sagirev PVC soffits, Longboard aluminum soffits, or Lux steel siding products soffit material you can be sure that we can help guide you to make the best choice for your home.

Types Of Fascia

Fascia is the trim that runs along the subfascia of your roof-line and covers and protects it. It is usually made out of wood and is painted a contrasting color to provide interest and character to your home. Most wood fascia used today is called comb face fascia which has a roughed up face that holds paint well due to it’s extremely textured surface.

Another option for fascia board that is getting more popular is fiber cement fascia. Like it’s wooden counterpart, it covers the same areas of your home and can be painted any color you want. But, unlike wood trim, it is made of fibrous cement based material that is impervious to bugs and does not rot or mold.

It tends to hold it’s paint job longer than most wood and even when it does need to be repainted, it can usually be done easily since painted cement trim does not tend to chip or peel.

There are other specialized types of fascia materials that we may talk about in a future article but these are the two most common types on the market today.

Soffit FasciaSoffit Fascia Ideas

Every home is unique and the type of soffit fascia used for every project should not be overlooked. Sometimes it is the distinct little finishing touches on a project that really bring it all together and make it look the way you have always dreamed of. Jericho Exteriors provides all the services and has the experience and know-how you need to help you make your decisions about the best types of soffits and fascia for your home.

We can provide you with a fully functioning 3D rendering of your project that will allow us to change the material, colour, look, and style of every feature of your exterior home renovation, including your soffits fascia. Give us a call today to book a consultation with one of our exterior specialists and get your free estimate so that you can get closer to making your renovation dreams a reality.


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